The UK government’s announcement seeks to advise local authorities on how to plan for new school places required due to housing growth.

“In addressing the target to build 300,00 new homes per year to support a growing population, it is vital to ensure that communities are supported and there is a united approach to community infrastructure, crucially including the positioning of school buildings.

Local Authorities continue to be under pressure to meet basic need, and we are already working with council’s, the DfE and developers, advising our clients on innovative solutions on how to achieve this in a cost and time efficient manner. Whether this be through the repurposing of existing space in town centres, integrated building solutions or the use of offsite-construction techniques.

This latest move to maximise the benefits of public/private sector partnerships aims to help local authorities meet the need for schools more quickly, urgently required to better support local communities.”

Beth Revell

Beth Revell
Director, Schools

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