La Halle Freyssinet

Transformed from a 1920s railway depot into the world’s biggest incubator space for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs.

Innovation has sat at the heart of this striking building from its inception. Designed by the engineer Eugène Freyssinet, the hall pioneered the use of pre-stressed concrete for the eye-catching arched roof and load-bearing structures.

Now its cavernous halls – measuring 310m in length at their longest point – have been renovated to create a vibrant commercial hub and events space by investor and entrepreneur, Xavier Niel.

A modern workspace in vintage surroundings

As cost manager, we worked to drive value throughout the design and construction process – balancing sensitive renovation in line with the building’s Historic Monument status, with the creation of modern practical commercial workspace.

The spacious floor plan, formerly a trans-shipment hub for trains and trucks, now accommodates 3000+ desks, an on-site fabrication lab for prototyping and 360-person auditorium. A bar, café and 1000-seat restaurant are open to the public 24 hours a day.





Kevin Braund

Kevin Braund
Directeur Général