For a large international client with a global network Gleeds provides cost management services during the construction of a whole new Data Centre Campus in Milan, Italy.



Being a fast-developing project, the main challenge is keeping a balance between procurement and timeline. On the same campus are different projects sharing the same services and costs. The actual GC involved does not have a strong pipeline of local subcontractor yet as it is well known internationally but new on local market.



Next to the standard cost management services, Gleeds provides support to the GC settling into the local market and the Client also in the definition and optimization of his internal processes.


Innovation and added value

The flexibility of the team, being capable to process extra tasks next to the “standard services” and the capability of work in a international environment not loosing the focus on the local market knowledge, makes



Data Centres



Giorgio Conrater
Giorgio Conrater

Giorgio Conrater
Operational Manager