TRW Automotive

Gleeds was appointed as Client’s Representative on the construction of two new production facilities in Bytča (5 100 m2) and Nové Mesto nad Váhom (5 600 m2) where employs around 600 employees. Both factories are producing car components. TRW is a developer and producer of active and passive safety systems - one of the largest suppliers in the automotive industry, supplies more than 40 major vehicle manufacturers. There are 185 TRW factories in 24 countries.

  • Factories producing high level vehicle safety components and technologies which enable to create semi-automated driving systems
  • TRW is “green thinking” – this also includes these two factories 

The production facility in Nové Mesto was built in three phases where Gleeds was also appointed. Extensions were constructed during the full operation.





Kamil Bad'o

Kamil Bad'o
Director, Slovakia