The odds seem stacked against us, don't they? In just the UK, 80% of carbon emissions come from infrastructure. Forces around the world compel the construction industry to accelerate a greener, sustainable revolution today.

But opposite these calls, challenges like affordability threaten to see it all crumbling down. As bad as it seems now, we can hold our nerve.

How we do that comes down to a multitude of solutions, from data and digital technologies like AI and 3D printing to better diversity and inclusion initiatives and appealing to talent from the next generation. 

Our 2021 energy and infrastructure report on the state of the global market is out now. Read it to learn how investment into better infrastructure can fight climate change and support socio-economic recovery and bridge the skills gap. 

Our experts across rail and energy held a roundtable discussion summarising the report's findings. Check it out over here

Despite these challenges, the time is now to invest in infrastructure and change old behaviours and patterns. Projects will not get cheaper, and by delaying delivery, the benefits will be postponed.

Report authors: Nicola Herring and James Garner

Dean Purvis

Dean Purvis
Global Head of Infrastructure